Singapore, The place to live

Nowadays, the state of Singapore, internationally renowned for its economic success during last 50 years, counts about 25% of foreign residents, as well permanent as temporary.

Coming from Asia, Europe, America, or still Australia, these expatriate workers choose to settle in Singapore as much to its location as to the attractive quality of life which we can find on the island. At the heart of Asia, Singapore is indeed an ideal starting point for all travellers who want to discover the world.


In addition, the numerous public holiday in this country, with 24 days off over the year (…and yes: almost the double than in France!), give a lot of opportunities to plan holidays and long weekends in this region of the globe.

To visit sightseeing and do shopping in Asian capital such as Shanghai, Beijing or either Tokyo, to discover the paradisiac beaches of Bali, to climb the aggressive volcano of Kawah Ijen, to cross the wild landscapes of the New Zeeland, to share the culture of Buddhist monks in Thai temple, or to swap present with an Iban chief on Borneo Island, Singapore is the place to live.

We will go off to explore the Singaporean’s most famous areas to have a break!

(And why not… Maybe your turn will come soon !)


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